The Top 3 Effective Natural Fat Burners

The Top 3 Effective Natural Fat Burners

Getting fit is probably one of the most common goals of many people worldwide. After all, having a fit body usually means you are healthy, increasing your overall confidence. But the journey of getting fit isn’t an easy one. It requires consistency, motivation, and a tremendous amount of patience and time.

The road to losing weight, burning fat, and overall getting fit requires plenty of planning and support. It’s not just about exercising or taking up a sport, but also about the proper diet. For instance, when trying to burn fat in your system, you should also look for necessary supplements to help you in this task. , Below are the top 3 effective natural fat burners to consider to reach your fitness goals:


A lot of working adults love caffeine. It is your daily partner to meet an energy-consuming day ahead. However, more than its energy-boosting properties, caffeine sees your body fat as fuel. This means that it also has a significant role in boosting your metabolism. In fact, one study found that this boost of metabolism effect goes up to 16% over a 1 to 2 hours period.

There are plenty of sources of caffeine, such as coffee and green tea. However, you should avoid consuming too much and too often since this will make your body more tolerant of its effects. Instead, try to drink only a few cups of coffee or green tea a day or take supplements with a controlled amount of caffeine to make it effective, such as our Shed Fat Burner.

The Top 3 Effective Natural Fat Burners


The concentrated form of green tea is called green tea extract. It basically provides the benefits of green tea in powder or capsule form. As previously mentioned, it contains caffeine which helps burn fat. However, it also contains polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that complements caffeine in burning fat through thermogenesis — a process where your body burns calories to produce heat. This was further proven in another study where it was found that this combination helped people burn 16% more fat than placebos. When it comes to calorie count, the caffeine and EGCG combination burned about 60 more calories than coffee alone and 80 more than placebos.


Soluble fiber such as glucomannan is a type of fiber that absorbs the water in the digestive tract and then forms  a viscous gel-like substance. It helps burn the fat in your body simply by curbing your appetite. This is made possible by reducing the levels of your ghrelin, often known as the hunger hormone. Moreover, this substance also slows down the delivery of nutrients to your gut. This means that your body is given ample more time to digest and absorb the said nutrients. Ultimately, this leads you to feel fuller, thus curbing your appetite such as your desire to eat more.

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